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At Think One Team we've designed a practical, proven and easy-to apply way to unite leaders, build cohesive teams and create a one team culture.
The power of Think One Team lies in the disarmingly simple suite of tools which have helped leaders to successfully build and connect teams across industries and workplaces for over a decade.

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Has unity amongst top leaders ever been more important?

The world is complex and unpredictable with every decision about trade-offs. Strong debate is needed but frictions are bubbling and emotions are interwoven. The pressure on leaders and teams to deliver is relentless.

At Think One Team we help some of Australia's top Executive Teams to unite and perform in the toughest of times.

Unite Your Leaders

Cohesive teams rarely just happen but they can be developed.

It begins with understanding that every successful team does three things over and over again.

  • Align to purpose, principles and plans
  • Collaborate on problems and opportunities 
  • Learn and adapt

We call that the ACL Loop. It's the secret to high performance when the pressure is on. 

Build a High Performing Team

The greatest business challenges aren't technical, they're complex and adaptive.

That's why the leading enterprises are replacing the outdated 'experts in silos' approach to problems with a culture where people openly collaborate and co-create solutions across the boundaries of hierarchy, function and location. 

Think One Team can be your partner in that journey. 

Create a One Team Culture

The Secret Ingredient is the Five Shares

The Think One Team Method is built on research which describes the differences in mindset and practices between people and teams who successfully collaborate and learn in adaptive ways from those who are less effective.

Those differences in mindset and practices are summarized in the Five Shares model as illustrated.

Have you heard about Graham Winter's most recent book? 

Co-authored with Martin Bean CBE former Vice Chancellor RMIT University  this book brings together the Think One Team method and the tools used by 15 successful international leaders to navigate turbulence. 

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