Cohesive Teams

Because Great Teamwork Makes Anything Possible

Is Your Team Cohesive?

  • Unity - the team is united around what matters and collaborates outside of formal meetings
  • Diversity - people with diverse skills, styles and experiences tackle the business challenges together
  • Trust - the team leader treats everyone in the team as a partner, and people treat each other as partners 
  • Adaptability - the team is nimble and adapts quickly to opportunities and threats

Want a Simple Way to Build a Cohesive Team?

We designed the One Team Canvas (shown below) to give leaders a simple and effective way to get everyone on one page about team purpose, priorities, norms and ways of working.

The One Team Canvas is used to facilitate teams to bring together eight essential building blocks for teamwork and collaboration in one coherent framework. That means they have a highly practical navigation guide to:

  • assess the current state of development / maturity of a team
  • align everyone on the ways of working
  • choose tools for personal, team and partnering development
Download a Guide to the One Team Canvas

Eight Building Blocks for
One Team Agility

The Think One Team approach to team building is to bring simple, engaging tools to coach and facilitate teams in the key areas of the Canvas (usually over a 90-120 day period):

  • The Team Canvas generates commitment and focus on the areas of greatest impact for team development by providing everyone with a single view of team strengths and potential derailers
  • The Think One Team method and tools create the shared language and practices to reinforce one team behaviours, and to solve problems and create opportunities
  • Implementing the Think One Team Program over 90-120 days means deeper impact on culture / ways of working because of the deliberate and systematic embedding of mindsets, practices and tools into day-to-day leadership and teamwork
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