Think One Team Tools

Think One Team is all about simple, engaging tools to help leaders foster a one team culture.
The examples below include tools described in the Think One Team book. Just click the buttons to view.

United Leadership

Is your leadership team united? We recommend using the Think One Team Five Shares Model at the outset of any team development or acceleration program to assess the team and create the open discussion about strengths and potential derailers. Try it with your team.

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Values Staircase

Research and practical experience tells us that shared values underpin a one team culture. That's great but how do you get the values off the wall and into daily use? One of the tools we use to challenge leaders to infuse values into the day-to-day life of the enterprise is the Values Staircase. Use it to reflect on how effectively your leaders are fostering a one team, values-based culture.

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Team Canvas

One Team Canvas describes the eight key building blocks for agile, connected teamwork which means everyone is literally on one page about what’s important. Check out the basic framework below and you can download guidesheets at our Cohesive Teams page.

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Are We Nimble?

This model, based on Graham Winter's First Be Nimble book (John Wiley & Sons) is a great discussion starter about agility and adaptability. Use it to test your mindset and approach to challenges and change.

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